Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Look hoot's one!

I have been getting ideas about a month ago or so, and two weeks prior to your party I began making the decorations for your big day! Friday night was a hectic day but not as bad as Saturday. I wanted to get almost everything ready on Friday night but I just couldn't do it all. I finally when to bed at 3:40 in the morning finishing up your owl pillow, I can't believe that day I sewed four thing and actually finished all! It was Lisa's birthday so I made her a hanging bag to put all her shopping bags in. I made two burp cloths for a friend and finally your pillow. 
So Saturday morning came and I began to prepare the food and decorate. Lisa our neighbor, wonderful of her lend me a lot of the lovely decorations and on Friday which was her birthday she made the beautiful owl cookies for the guests. Over all I was impress with what I can do, from decorations, to cake creation, to paparazzi and a chef! I truly enjoyed do in it all, with help of family and friend, because by myself I would have gone crazy.....which I think I did anyway :). However your birthday party was a success! We took lots of pictures, you looked sooooo beautiful, and I was even impress with the pictures I took. All of this was for you and you don't even know it! hahaha! But you will get to see pictures and see all your mama's hard work. Prepare your self I took LOTS of pictures and I couldn't decide which to take out, these are a lot but not all of them. So enjoy my Love!

I love you always!