Saturday, June 22, 2013

From picture to paper and pencil

A couple of months ago I wanted to post this up, but never got around to it.
Before you girls where born, I got into this habit of drawing every new baby in the family. But I kinda stepped away from drawing in life's journey. So I finally found time to post this up.
Keep in mind I am a little rusty I haven't drawn in a while....years I think!

Love you my princess!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day 


Dad's are like no other they are so needed in a little girls life as much as a little boys life!
I have been bless to have a dad like no other...humble, caring, patient, loving, giving, funny, protective, and generous.
When I think about my dad I get all emotional, watching a movie where the plot revolves around a father daughter will find me surrounded in tissues!
I guess you can say I'm daddy's little girl! Although I'm all grown up and have a family of my own I will always be his "la nina de sus ojo" which means "the apple of his eyes" that is what my daddy calls me.
Although we are miles apart, when we are together I'm his little girl once again!
There is so much that he has done for us!!!!
When my mother was pregnant with me she had cancer through her whole pregnancy. God made a miracle during that time and my mom is completely healed today. Thank you Jesus!
But during those tough times my dad was left taking care of five children...he wasn't alone my grandpa helped for the most part.
Never the less he has always been there....
The sacrifices we go trough as parents are different for all of us, but they are still sacrifices. And my dad made one to many....
I can't never repay him, but just thank him, with a grateful heart!
Thank you dad for all you've done, for what you will continue to do and for who you are.
"Any men can be a father, but it takes someone special like you to be a dad"

Daddy, I will always be your little girl!

As for my husband, you have only been a father for two years....four if you wanna count sinatra  LOL. And you have never been any more deserving be so special to be called dad!
You surprise me everyday, with the tenderness you share, those moments when I see you and the girls together are so precious to see.

 How you take care of them even when I'm not their.
 And how you comb their messy hair.
Kisses for boo-boos
And dressing them with too-too
How you teach 
And brush their teeth
toys,toys everywhere, 
but daddy doesn't care,
he's to busy playing with the pair.
I can't wait for the journey that's ahead of us
of memories we will share
and our little girls soon will grow
but you will always be there!
-by  Arisai Santiago

Here is to you both my daddy and my men...


Girls growing up

Yesterday we were all siting down at the table eating our lunch and Seylah did or said one of her words, and Emma says "Seya your funny" LOL
Your father and I were cracking up!
Now this is one of the many funny things you have been saying Emma.

We like to tell you what's going to happen or what we "are going to do before we do it. So for example if you gotta go night-night we say "Ok Emma after eating this or after watching this we are going upstairs and brush your teeth and go night-night" And you say "okay mami"
And sometimes you even tell me what you want to happen. The other day I said "okay is time for night-night" LOL but you said "no mami i want snack then night-night....okay"
Oh how precious it is when you say that.

Other things you say;

  • your using the tablet papi?...okay
  • is loading but you say "is joyin"
  • and you scold me and everyone....a lot with attitude to back that up LOL
  • grrrr did I scared you, did I scared you
Emma you are just talking so much much more with surprisingly words, words I didn't even know you knew.
You are so bright and beautiful and I'm completely in love with this little girl God has given to us.

Seylah you don't stay far behind!
You my dear are saying more words than ever. It was not to long ago that you even started talking!!!!
Among your favorites is;
  • don't touch it....oh and you definitely have attitude when you say it, with pucker lips and hand gestures!
  • you say mimi for mini mouse 
  • and you stared to say I love you, I just don't know how to spell the way you say it LOL
I was watching home videos the other day of when you girls were babies!!!
And how this time is so precious, and it doesn't last very long. 
How awesome and bless that I am to be able to stay at home and raise you girls and get to know you both.

Love you both,


Monday, June 3, 2013

Reunited and it feels so good!!!

Oh my loves are back at home where they belong!
Your daddy asked me not to put you down Seylah, but around 9:30 pm you climbed up to the chair I was sitting in and you felt asleep behind me with your head falling out of the side of the chair. I put you down on the couch...
At this time your daddy was just 20 min away.

The garage door opened and sinatra rushed to the door (he sense something was up before this)
And there he love!
I put the leach on sinatra he was overly excited to see his father!

I saw my Emma sleeping and when I held you,
You woke up and gave me a hug and I just held you tight, giving you kisses galore!

Then you just started talking like crazy =)
And you went to go see Seylah who was sleeping on the couch.
Gave her a kiss and a hug she didn't wake up though.

I tried waking you up Seylah, but you were out!
You opened your eyes saw your dad and Emma
And your face expression was like.....I know these people....and closed your eyes.

I was thinking of having you Emma sleep with us, but you wanted to sleep in your bed...
I don't blame you for that.

So here we are and together again!
I don't think I EVER want you girls to may change later on.....
just not any time soon =)

Next time we all go to Florida together.
That next time is coming up soon.
And we shall be reunited with the rest of my family and Eliott and Sherri!
I can't wait to move over there, however I will be missing some people.

Well loves until next time
Here comes the adventures of my 2girls and a crazy dog! =)

Always and forever
Your mom

Sunday, June 2, 2013

The anticipation!

The anticipation.....the anxiety is eating me up!!!!
In just a short hours I will be face to face with my Emma and my love!
It feels like for ever, yet its only been a week. I don't know If we can ever do this again...
This week I have been catching up on Army Wives (crying every episode....such a good drama show)
So just to think that army wives have to go trough a rough separation it doesn't even compare.....doesn't even come close to how I've felt this week. They for sure have it rough!
But it keeps things in perspective!

I can't wait to hug you Emma and kiss your daddy's lips! =)
I have missed you guys so much.
And I can't wait to see how you and Seylah will react when you girls see each other.
Your daddy asked me to keep you up, so here we are me writing and you watching Baby 1st TV, and coming back to me to drink water and give me kisses =)

This week Seylah you and I have bonded. At church today you were so attached you didn't want to go to your Sunday class.
And you looked so cute! You had 3 different wardrobe change
The first one was cute but, it didn't look cute with the jacket you had. So I put some pants on ya and I didn't like it..... Until I found the cutest thing was cold =( I tell you this Illinois weather is stupidly crazy!
But we were running a bit behind so we left.

Fashion always comes with a prize =)
Here are the pics!

Your anticipated mom!

My love always and forever