Monday, June 3, 2013

Reunited and it feels so good!!!

Oh my loves are back at home where they belong!
Your daddy asked me not to put you down Seylah, but around 9:30 pm you climbed up to the chair I was sitting in and you felt asleep behind me with your head falling out of the side of the chair. I put you down on the couch...
At this time your daddy was just 20 min away.

The garage door opened and sinatra rushed to the door (he sense something was up before this)
And there he love!
I put the leach on sinatra he was overly excited to see his father!

I saw my Emma sleeping and when I held you,
You woke up and gave me a hug and I just held you tight, giving you kisses galore!

Then you just started talking like crazy =)
And you went to go see Seylah who was sleeping on the couch.
Gave her a kiss and a hug she didn't wake up though.

I tried waking you up Seylah, but you were out!
You opened your eyes saw your dad and Emma
And your face expression was like.....I know these people....and closed your eyes.

I was thinking of having you Emma sleep with us, but you wanted to sleep in your bed...
I don't blame you for that.

So here we are and together again!
I don't think I EVER want you girls to may change later on.....
just not any time soon =)

Next time we all go to Florida together.
That next time is coming up soon.
And we shall be reunited with the rest of my family and Eliott and Sherri!
I can't wait to move over there, however I will be missing some people.

Well loves until next time
Here comes the adventures of my 2girls and a crazy dog! =)

Always and forever
Your mom