Sunday, June 2, 2013

The anticipation!

The anticipation.....the anxiety is eating me up!!!!
In just a short hours I will be face to face with my Emma and my love!
It feels like for ever, yet its only been a week. I don't know If we can ever do this again...
This week I have been catching up on Army Wives (crying every episode....such a good drama show)
So just to think that army wives have to go trough a rough separation it doesn't even compare.....doesn't even come close to how I've felt this week. They for sure have it rough!
But it keeps things in perspective!

I can't wait to hug you Emma and kiss your daddy's lips! =)
I have missed you guys so much.
And I can't wait to see how you and Seylah will react when you girls see each other.
Your daddy asked me to keep you up, so here we are me writing and you watching Baby 1st TV, and coming back to me to drink water and give me kisses =)

This week Seylah you and I have bonded. At church today you were so attached you didn't want to go to your Sunday class.
And you looked so cute! You had 3 different wardrobe change
The first one was cute but, it didn't look cute with the jacket you had. So I put some pants on ya and I didn't like it..... Until I found the cutest thing was cold =( I tell you this Illinois weather is stupidly crazy!
But we were running a bit behind so we left.

Fashion always comes with a prize =)
Here are the pics!

Your anticipated mom!

My love always and forever