Thursday, September 3, 2015

mY FoUr yEaR oLd!

Yesterday was a crazy stressful day, to say the least!

How it started was a whole different story.

Emma said "is today Seylah"s birthday?" as I dress you up because you manage to pee on yourself in the middle of the night.

Regardless of that fact I sang the b-day song and all you did was smile and chuckle.

It was the cutest thing!

Come to think about it, at the end of the day the stress was all do to the your cake!

I wanted to make your birthday cake special and the way you wanted it.

Hello Kitty style!

You know this picture below......this is how I felt my cake turned out! When you are in a rush and there is no time to get end up with something like that!

Well that is how your cake turned out!

I was thinking about putting the picture.....but got discouraged...LOL

Anyways yesterday after your school work you wanted me to do your nails and so I did and guess what they were?

Hello Kitty of course!

Regardless of the fact that your birthday was a heck-tic day and it did not turned out how I planned.....

The cake did not look good, and we didn't join our friends to sing to you.

However, I realized it was perfect just the way it was!

Just us four.

And what made it even better was your grateful heart. You said "I love my cake mami" like 3 times!

If that's not priceless, then I don't know what is!!!

Happy Birthday my little princess!

Love you my B-day girl to the moon and beyond

Seylah my 4year old my homeschooler!

Like I promised I told you I will start God's little explorer with you this week and here we are!

The night before I hid some little treasures.....
the bible, your crayons, markers and glue. And with little wood sticks that I taped together with clear tape placed them where you can find your treasure.....(X marks the spot)

We made binoculars with two empty toilet paper roll and we were off on a hunt to find your treasures!

You were so excited and having fun that in the midst of searching you reached out to me and said "I love you mami"

Oh how  that brought a smile to my inner soul!

And so we continued to search until we had all the treasures. You learned a new bible verse with the ABC bible verse. X "May I never boast eXcept in the cross of our Lord Christ Jesus." Galatians 6:14

And so here we embark on our 27 week journey of exploring God's word and wonders!

Here is to you my little explorer.