Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I have two 3 year old! YIKES!!!

Today my little Seylah, your three!
You have grown up so fast I can't believe your 3.

I want to say you are finally potty trained after a year of attempt....but you still have some mistakes, Although they have substantially decreased (thank you Jesus) accidents still happen.
Nevertheless you have made progress and naps are pipi free!

We just gotta work on nights.

You are definitely talking a whole lot more and sometimes you don't want to stop. You like to play by yourself a lot, but you also like to play with Emma, even though you fight a lot....but that's normal.

I love how you say "sorry" even when Emma has to do the apologizing. And you girls kiss and make up quickly....is a love/hate relationship with yous 2.

You know how bad I am at remembering all that you do, but what I do remember is;

  • you give big tight hugs (oh how i love those)
  • you melt mommy's heart when i'm upset and you say "i'm sorry a kissie"
  • you scream really loud for everything
  • you really don't like to share especially with the neighbor's girls
  • you like to be ahead of us when walking sinatra
  • you like to seat and "read"  books
  • you like alone time with mami and papi
  • you say "i'm talking to mami" with a mad tone if emma interrupts you
  • you really like to test me...a lot!
  • you like to workout
  • you like to open the fridge and grab cheese, milk, apples and grapes
Well that's pretty much what I do remember.
So here's to another year of seeing you grow and learn and explore!

Love always and forever!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Pinterest I love you!

My love for Pinterest!

I remember the day I was introduce to Pinterest.

It was a long summer day....Jk

I opened my computer and subscribe to it, at first I had no idea what this was....but I quickly understood and then.....

I was hooked!

I remember saying "where the heck was this things a couple years ago!!!!!" Especially for my wedding.

So that night I went to bed super late, doing what we all piners do best....

Yup that was me...pinning away!

I know I'm not the only victim of this pinerholic phobia I have, many among you have it!


I have made and done lot's of things on my board but there is sooooooo much more to go.
Sometimes all the time this is how I feel though!

Well lets see what other project I will do next....

Until next time!
Pin away bloggers =)