Sunday, May 11, 2014

The little things you do

It feels like forever!
I have been so busy lately and I have neglected writing to you girls.
Nevertheless writing to you girls is always in my mind.

Lately you both have been driving me nuts...but I guess that's part of being a mom.

Before I forget, this is what Seylah has been saying lately;

  • leave me alone
  • woopi "movie"
  • I lou you
  • and you know this one (my favorite) hankers for "hold my hand"
  • seepi me "sleep with me"
  • pilow "play dough"
  • wach that wach that, (what's) you say it 2x and fast! lol
  • listen
  • guys

As for Emma.....what don't you say!!!!
I swear you think you are a grown women sometimes. The other day you said you wanted to be bigger like mami and papi....
You wanna grow up on me way to fast!
These are the things you say that I can remember;

  • because....A LOT
  • mami that's not nice
  • I wanna eat something else
  • hit Seylah, she's being bad

You are my little independant girlie. I can see that you are a leader and you are likable by kids a bit older than you.
There is just something about you that people just like to be around you. Your very  friendly and charismatic, and very strong will. It's your way or the highway.
However that last part does not fly with mommy, so you get your share of timeouts and spanking.
I do give in sometimes, if I see is not a big deal but most of the my way :) (like it should be)LOL!

I know there is more I just can't remember, but is better sometimes to show you than to explain.

Love always

World's Toughest Job EVER!

Wishing all the moms a wonderful day today...especially my mom! 
Here's to my mom who till this day the workload may have been less then before, but regardless you still have the toughest job!

I love you mom!