Sunday, March 23, 2014

Memory Lane

You hear it all the time, you already know it....and yet when you look back that's when you realize it!

Last night I was looking at home videos of you girls from born to now I think I spend about an hour reminiscing of the past.

Made me wanna have another baby like now! But I gotta be real with myself....right now is not the time.

I don't know why we do this to ourselves, we moms complain sometimes that our kids are too much at times, but yet we want more! I say we are masochists! :) However I think we think of the positives and the love we have for our kids that makes us want more :)

I always wanted a big family! Before having you girls it was 6 kids....after you girls that number went down to 4 and sometimes I think with just yous two is enough! :)

Either way your daddy and I want more....and we will God whiling!

Looking at your faces, and just seeing both of you girls grow in the last three two years I'm in awe of how time flies and then that's when I find myself realizing the famous statement that every parent of older kids say "cherish these moments because they don't last forever"

And although you girlies are still small, and I feel like I have enjoyed and cherish moments with you both....I feel that it is not enough!

I sure do miss those baby days....I guess that's why we want more babies to have those baby days again!

Oh the baby smell, the bonding while nursing, 2 naps in a day plus night time! more sleep for mommy! :)

Regardless the stage you girls are in I want to just bottle it up and never let it go....I guess that's why I record you both A LOT! Those are my cherish memories!

Memory lane.....

I love you girls!
Always and Forever