Friday, July 11, 2014

My first child turns 5

I still remember the time we brought him home!

Now that he is older he has gotten better, however he does have an attitude....can you believe that?! 
And there he is....sleeping! (such a teenager)

Five 1/2 lb, scared, wimping....clawing at my chest, because my passenger (niece Yareliz) was afraid to hold him.

Sinatra has grown to be part of this family! 

In the beginning I had second thoughts of having a dog, but there is no question in my mind that we made the right fact I want another dog, preferably a teacup.

Although there were times I wanted to get rid of my dog (when my girls were born)....but when I really thought about it, tears would well up in my eyes!

Needless to say those thoughts are long gone =)

I remember the first time I left him home alone. I went to the movies with my sister in-law and my mother in-law...and I was crying LOL! 

Yeah can you say attachment issues!!!! 

He has been such a good companion especially when my hubby is not around and visa-versa. 
I couldn't ask for a better dog. 

When he get's in trouble we scold him and he lowers his head and body....He totally looks so cute!!!

He is a funny, cute dog....although he cuddles when ever he wants to when is convenient for him...I wish he would cuddle a bit more.

Now he greets you with excitement for a bit jumps on you licks ya....and then he's gone, and we are wondering where he is at sometimes. 

Even though he is five years old he still looks like a pup...he's the cutest thing.

Our little baby of the many names my husband likes to call him.

Happy Birthday Sinatra!