Hello and Welcome!

Originally I started this blog to write to my girls.
I began writing in 2010 to my unborn child Emma, and shortly after I had Emma I gave birth to my second child Seylah.

Things get a little hard when you gotta attend to two little people =) especially so close in age(11 months apart)

I actually was writing to them in two separate notebooks, but it was tough trying to do that and print pictures and pasting them. I like old fashion, but not this way!

So I decided to enter the digital world and the birth of 2 girls and a crazy dog came about.

My first child was my dog Sinatra...he taught us a lot, being our first responsibility and all!

I'm not one who likes to brag. So I don't say this to brag in anyway shape or form, but I am a pretty crafty person. After all my dad is a carpenter and my mom a seamstress.

I went to International Academy of Design & Technology to pursue fashion got my BA in Fashion Design.

However after college I decided to pursue a family instead. I did freelance work here and there, but my passion for fashion shifted a little after I had my girls.

Don't get me wrong I love fashion still, but now I do it more for the little people in my life (my girls and my dog =)

Friends and family keep telling me that I should sell the things I make.

Who knows maybe someday I will!

I love all things cute lol, who doesn't right!?

My passion is photography, sewing, digital scrapbooking, drawing, designing, DIY-in.

So here is to my girls hoping that someday you may read all the crazy little things you've done growing up!

To my;

2 Girls And A Crazy Dog =)