Monday, September 2, 2013

Seylah's Golden Day

Happy Birthday my love!

Today you have turned two and is your golden day!
We didn't do much considering the situation we are in, but never the less I couldn't let this day pass and just
My decorations were very small, you know how I like to go all out with a small budget :), but this time I couldn't do much. We sang the birthday song and we ate vanilla cake. However next month we are celebrating your birthday and Emma's along with your cousins. Let's see how this big one is gonna turn out....I will definitely be posting it here, cuz that's when I'll be decorating for the supper hero party! (Can't wait for that) I think I get more exited then you girls LOL!

And to many more birthdays to come! We are so bless to have such a wonderful, adventurous, hipper little girl like you! Being at home with you girls seeing you grow.....priceless!
So a little prayer for my little princess....
I pray that you may come to know Christ at an early age, that you will recognize sin and have a hatred for it. I pray that you will be protected from the evil one in each area of your life- spiritual, emotional, and physical. I pray that God will guide you in all you do and that you will allowed him. And that you may grow up to be a women of God. In Jesus name I pray....

Love you always and for ever!