Thursday, November 15, 2012

Another day with you

Just sitting here watching you girls play and fight is so cute! Enjoying your expressions! You girls are so different from each other is funny! Seylah your so sensitive and you cry for anything and Emma you can be sensitive towards others! But you can take a hit and not cry about it! I love you girls soooo much and I love how different you both are, and how funny and goofy you both can be, and even how annoying lol you both can be and as I write this Seylah is hitting Emma over the head and laughing about it...until Emma gets upset and hits you back!
Yesterday you girls were playing with each other with your pretend food, and me and Jay were just looking at how cute you girls look playing with each other and laughing and hugging and kissing! It's just what a mother loves too see. 😃 But Emma sometimes over does it with the hugging and kissing and Seylah gets upset lol! It's funny to watch. Shortly after playing I guess Seylah got board and started throwing the pretended food on the floor and Emma got upset. It kinda reminds me of my sister Arizaida and me when we used to play and she would say "you know what?.... I don't want to play anymore" and she would leave in the middle of the game. Seylah in some ways you are just like her 😊

Well my little princess until next time.
Love always

Saturday, November 10, 2012

My dearest Emma,

My love you turned 25 months 2 days ago and just a few days ago you started talking more, saying a sentence here and their, and it's just the most amazing thing seeing how much you absorb and say and do. I'm so thankful that I'am at home taking care of you girls and watching you grow! The other day you climb up on our bed and you tell me "mami I'm hungry" You can say Seylah but you say "saya" you say: are you ok, it's ok diti,pumpkin, apple, sorry, suave, yogurt but you say "yogi", teddy but you say "tey" it's cold, look at me or look at this, amo mucho. When we say I love you, you say "ahhhu 2", and other words hear and their that I can't remember right now. And the way you play is so girly you already have that caring character, you organize your toys you take care of bunny and teddy. I just love watching you play and looking at you when you think your having a conversation with me you make so many faces and expressions, moving your head and hands it is just the cutest thing. Your playing better with your sister, but when you have a toy that Seylah wants and she takes it away from you, you bite her and then I gotta break it up. But sometimes Seylah cooperates and you play nice, however it doesn't last very long lol. Your growing so fast I can't believe your 2 years old. Christmas this year and the years to come are gonna be wonderful too, to see your face opening up gifts....priceless! Well my love until next time.

Love always

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Halloween was a couple days ago but I've been so busy that I haven't been able to blog about it!  We celebrated on Oct 27 because Halloween was on a Wednesday (I know boooooring). Your daddy and I started a tradition before you girls were born. We have all the nephews and niece come over and now the parents come too. We tell scary stories, eat pizza before we would order but now that I know how to make it from scratch that's what I do, then eat my famous chocolate chip oatmeal cookies (this year I wasn't going to make them because I wanted to make a sugar cookie with Halloween decorations, but everyone was asking for I made those too) And the last thing we do is play hide-and-seek! The past two years I didn't play because you girls were to small and I was attending to you both but this year you girls were asleep and we played it was your daddy me with your cousins Isiah and Andrea.....I had so much fun, I've always liked this game since I was a kid and I felt like one again! I can't wait for you girls to get older to play with us too! But that's what we normally do and chit chat in between.
 On the actual day of Halloween we spend it with Lisa Anya and charlie! Even sinatra was with us. You girls played with Anya and her toys while the mommy's ate pumpkin dip (it was delicious) And then trick or tr-eaters came. I wanted to take you girls trick-or-treating but it was too cold for y'all  So we stood home and gave candies away. Here are some pics of the even! Enjoy them my loves

Always and for-ever
Your mamma!

        The Halloween Party
Isaiah as I have no idea, but I called him Bob
Noah as himself (baseball player)
Andrea as rock start gone wrong
Luke as batman
Aaron as the batman underwear bandit 

The Napolian wig and Bob's wig

Orlando tried to scare Noah
The underwear bandit dancing "just dance"
       This was on the day of Halloween
This was at Anyas' house

Emma wanted to put on Seylah's custome

Mami just acting silly!
Cute little Anya as a lady bug
My darling Emma as an angel and Seylah as a cute little kitty

Our Family Halloween 2012

Pumpkin Patch

On October 29 we went to Goebbert's Pumpkin Patch by the house, it was an experience for all of us. It was our 1st time you girls and mine, we went on Monday so your daddy was working, and it was cold and windy! You girls got to see a couple of animals like a giraffe, pony, camels, goats, birds and rabbits. And got on the pony, but you were both scared, I actually was able to take a picture of Emma crying, it took you a little while to start crying, on the other hand Seylah cried immediately! lol You girls got to walk around and climb little trucks, on a boat, even a slice! Got to sit on a BIG chair, on some of the things they had their and we ate and left to your doc. appointment! It was such a nice thing to have spend that day with you girls and doing something different. I just wish it wasn't that cold! :) Until next year, this time we will take your daddy with us!

Love always and for ever
Your mamma!