Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Luke's birthday

On April 2nd it was Lukie's birthday and we went to chuckie cheese to celebrate. This would be Emma's second time the first time you were six months and Seylah this was your first time 2nd if you count you being there in my belly :)!
You girls had so much fun, it was nice seeing your faces while you would get on rides. And Emma you were able to climb up and play in the playground. We ate played a bit more and went home!
So here are the pictures of that day!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Family walk

Illinois weather is crazy, however God gave us some beautiful weather the past week so we went for a walk with the whole family! And Emma you wanted to walk so we let you, but you wanted to walk on your own not holding our hands. You can be so independant sometimes, is good but sometimes i which you wouldn't cuz i wanna hold you forever! :D Here are some cute pics of that day!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Baby doll

Well today I decided to sew, I have been wanting to sew something for a while, I just haven't had the chance to. What I wanted to do I don't have all the things for so I decided to sew baby doll clothes. It took me an hour to sew and 30 min to make the little pattern. I have to say I really enjoyed it! There is another little dress I want to make but it's 11:50pm and I gotta wake up early tomorrow for church. But I can't wait to make the other dress it's so cute that I think I'm gonna make one for you girls. Emma I know your 2 right now, but I really do hope that you get excited and enjoy the baby's clothes. You do like to act like a mommy and put baya "bunny" to sleep and you cradle him. So I hope you do the same with this one.

Things you do now:
This is one thing that I enjoy and is playing "hide and seek" it's the cutest thing! So you count (like really fast not letting me hide good enough lol) you say "1-2-3 (gibberish) here I come" and when you find me we both scream and you laugh 😃😄 then is my turn to count and when I go find you, you are always in the same spot....behind your bedroom door lol!

You started to eat meat, I thought for sure you were gonna be vegetarian. And every morning you want cereal, when you wake up from your nap you want cereal, mid afternoon you want cereal! ALL THE TIME! It get's annoying, but never the less you are still cute 😉

You seam to like books lately, which is awesome I totally want you to be a reader! However today you broke a book 😕not cool! But your 2 what can I expect!
You also have been very caring towards Seylah. I'm not saying your a saint, cuz sometimes you over do it with the hitting, but you do show diti some ❤

As for you Seylah, you have been saying more lately. You repeat things a lot. And you make lots of funny faces, you like to make us laugh and you like getting tickled.
You can eat anything and everything if I let you. You do get upset if I try to help you feed yourself....I had to record it cuz it was so funny!!!!
You don't like cuddles much, but because you see Emma doing it you follow! And you are a little dear-devil, you don't give up easy, you keep going for what you want. I gotta tell you Seylita, that's the right kind of attitude when it comes to life. Don't ever loose this! And you are also a very stubborn child!

You girls are growing so fast! Time ✈ to fast if you ask me 😪 until next time my little cupcakes!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Going back home

It was that time to hit the road! We packed the car up to the max, said our goodbyes and we were off on the road again. Mid way through our journey to Nashville Seylah wasn't feeling so good and you threw up (that was awful to clean) but mommy managed and at 11 pm we arrived at our friends place in Nashville TN. We had a great time with them. And so we decided to stay one more day.

Jesse made this delicious salsa and Reina made her delicious café cubano! She taught me how to make it so I can make it back home! Although it turned out to be a rainy day we bought some ingredients rented movies for the kids and I made pizza for dinner. I gotta say I've made pizza many many times, but Jessee made the toppings for it and it was sooooo gooooood! Then we all went to the YMCA. So while the grown ups worked out you kiddos were in the playing area. Surprisingly Emma you cried and Seylah was just fine.

By the time you girls read this you won't know who this person is, but we saw an actor from one of the shows that we watch. Ill put a picture for you. I asked him to take a pic with me but, he just finish playing a game and was all sweaty so he said "not like this" so sadly I couldn't take a pic with him. However jay did say he came out after he was all clean looking for someone.....I would like to think that it was me lol

So we ended the night with Seylah going down to sleep and Emma, Diego and Zion watching a movie. In which you guys didn't last because you kept getting up and running to the sala to say some gibberish to me and Reina and went back to the kids room. That was the day Emma learned the meaning of walking and running. And it was so cute and funny, when you came back running and I told you walk. You would walk back taking big tip toe steps! Reina and I were cracking up.

So the next morning we were back on the road! Heading home, it felt like forever. Once again Seylah was doing so well cuddling the stuff animals, but in the other hand Emma you were getting on my nerves lol. You were so whinny, but you gave us a rest when you felt asleep. The road was long, but we made it to our destination. We picked up Sinatra from our friend and one more hour in the road to make it home.

Breakfast time!

Sam Palladio this is the guy I saw from the TV show I watch.

Arizaida bought this candy for me it was my last one, so I had to take a picture of it!