Friday, July 19, 2013

Arrived in Florida!

We have arrived to our destination exhausted and tired, but we made it.
Our car was jammed with stuff and people and sinatra, it was uncomfortable.
Sinatra was forced to be in a cage for the first time in his life. He does not like to be constrained. But he made it and he did so good.
As for you girls there were times that the crying was non-stop, but eventually it would stop followed by a nice soothing sound.....sleep!
We stopped off in a Hotel in Morrow Georgia, I didn't care for at all! I was just glad we were able to rest and first thing in the morning we were off. And ate at I hop....then another 6 hours on the felt like we were never gonna get there.
Your daddy was so glad that he doesn't have to do this ride again in a while!

We arrived at Eliott and Sherri's house....they just moved to a beautiful home....I hope we find a home like this one. Big kitchen, you know how I love to cook...more like bake, but we are turning things around when it comes to our health. I'm thinking of doing 100 days of no process food.
But maybe when we get settled :)

So here are pictures of us and you kiddos in the car;

Mommy and Daddy

First Seylah cried herself to sleep.....

Then Emma starts crying and finally felt asleep....

And then sinatra starts to cry and falls asleep.

To our new life.....
Love mom

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

On the Road Again

And we are off!
Back on the road to a new journey a new page in our lives!!!!

Yesterday was a busy, stressful,bitter sweet day.

The house we made a home for the last six years is now vacant.

Each room flooded me with memories....this is all you girls know! This was your home.

This was were you Emma and you Seylah took your first steps, your first tooth came out, your first everything!

It's an emotional moment. Saying goodbye to our neighbors and family wasn't easy. I'm truly gonna miss them all!

I had a morning coffee with Catherine, it was a much needed time for us although it may be our last one in a long while, it was nice talking to her....after all she was my first neighbor and such a wonderful person! Someone I can trust and talk to like if we just saw each other and hung out all the time. She's cool like that :).

Although Lisa and I couldn't spend much time together and the end, we had many moment we shared which it was more, but it's the memories we made that will keep us together! My friend I will truly miss you and your family, which I was there to meet Oliver!!!! Can't wait for his arrival and to see pics of your new little guy!

Both of you girls I will miss like crazy!!!
I can always say I had wonderful neighbors! :)

As for my big nana (you know who you are) oh men am I gonna miss the crap out of you :)! We have had a good run! One which I don't want to end, just now it will be a digital one LOL! It won't be the same but I'll be getting my big nana fix through oovoo lol! My confidant! I miss you already!

So the BIG move took foreeeeerver! You girls where at Will and Lucy's all day!
And I can't thank your grandma enough for her help!
I left the house clean and empty at 9:30 pm....exhausted and hungry we went back to your grandparent's to crash for the night before our journey.

And now we are 3 hours into the drive and Sinatra is no longer crying, but you girls are!!!!

Here comes the water works!!!!
Until next time
Love mom!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Emma memorized...

Sometimes I think that I don't get through you are never gonna get it until you get a little older.
But you prove me wrong!
I have been wanting for you girls to memorize bible verses. And I know there is more to come, but this one you have packed down.
And I can't help but be a proud mommy :)

I just kept repeating this verse to you girls over and over until one day you said a little bit of it, then you said a little bit more....and long behold you said the whole thing.
That's when I realize you girls are much smarter than what I think!

And of course you know me....

The funny thing is, you love all the attention and when I record you, especially telling me to flip the camera screen so you can see are something else Emma =)

So here is verse #1 Joshua 24:24

I know that's probably another thing you may get mad when your older. You without a shirt!
I don't know why but you like to get naked sometimes, I have to restrain you from not taking of your panties. But know darling your not the only one...I think almost all kids go through this....I was one =)

I love you always!

Seylah and her Shadow

I love it when I capture a good moment on pictures, but even better when I capture it on film.
Sometimes I wish I had an internal video and camera, because I'm constantly taking pictures of you girls and my camera is always handy =)
You never know when a good moment strikes!
But even with the ones that I have capture I still miss some good ones, so I gotta be prepared!
And a few year from now when you girls get older you will either hate that I have done this and let the world see or just enjoy the memories I have capture!
Even your uncles and aunt get a little bothered by me when I ask to take pictures of the family.....but guess who they call when they need a picture of the boys or of the family.....Yup the one and only....MUA!!!

So the other day we were outside playing and I notice that Seylita you were crying....I shorty realize that you were afraid of your own shadow. And I couldn't help but run inside the house and get the recorder and capture a couple videos of you crying and being afraid.
Call me a bad mom or something....I call it "Americas funniest home video" it could be you know!
It was hilarious watching you! But papi came to your rescue!
That's what daddy's are for =)
Well I can explain what happened, but it's so much better here is the video!
Some day you will not like me for all the things I put up here, it may embarrass you, but until then...mommy will do what I do best! =)

Love mom!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

We got Lucky

We have a new little friend in our house! His name is Lucky but I think he should have been called "flash" because he moves so fast. He's a little male chihuahua, that my sister in-law asked me to take care of for 4th of July weekend. She was supposed to pick him up today, but I asked her to leave him one more day. He has been my little cuddly friend! And you girls have taken a liken to him! Although Seylah makes him nervous  Emma you have been like a little mommy to him. Is the cutest thing to watch! In the morning the first thing you say is Lucky! So we can go downstairs to him. And today you wanted to walk him. So of course I was gonna take pictures of this little adventure!

Emma's new toy

With Lucky being at home......I have been looking on line for teacup dogs! I always wanted a little dog. Although Sinatra is a small dog I wanted a smaller one. And now I think I can go for another dog. Unfortunately we wont get another dog for a while, but I have made a decision that we will eventually get one. I found a couple pics of dogs I really like.

Aren't these little fellas cute?! Yup I want another dog.....

Love you girls!


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My future Singer =)

Oh my goodness! What am I going to do with yous 2!
I'm so bless to be able to stay at home and see you both grow and develop.
You girls are talking so much. 
And Emma I'm so proud of you for memorizing this verse!
On to the next verse.