Saturday, July 13, 2013

Emma memorized...

Sometimes I think that I don't get through you are never gonna get it until you get a little older.
But you prove me wrong!
I have been wanting for you girls to memorize bible verses. And I know there is more to come, but this one you have packed down.
And I can't help but be a proud mommy :)

I just kept repeating this verse to you girls over and over until one day you said a little bit of it, then you said a little bit more....and long behold you said the whole thing.
That's when I realize you girls are much smarter than what I think!

And of course you know me....

The funny thing is, you love all the attention and when I record you, especially telling me to flip the camera screen so you can see are something else Emma =)

So here is verse #1 Joshua 24:24

I know that's probably another thing you may get mad when your older. You without a shirt!
I don't know why but you like to get naked sometimes, I have to restrain you from not taking of your panties. But know darling your not the only one...I think almost all kids go through this....I was one =)

I love you always!