Saturday, July 13, 2013

Seylah and her Shadow

I love it when I capture a good moment on pictures, but even better when I capture it on film.
Sometimes I wish I had an internal video and camera, because I'm constantly taking pictures of you girls and my camera is always handy =)
You never know when a good moment strikes!
But even with the ones that I have capture I still miss some good ones, so I gotta be prepared!
And a few year from now when you girls get older you will either hate that I have done this and let the world see or just enjoy the memories I have capture!
Even your uncles and aunt get a little bothered by me when I ask to take pictures of the family.....but guess who they call when they need a picture of the boys or of the family.....Yup the one and only....MUA!!!

So the other day we were outside playing and I notice that Seylita you were crying....I shorty realize that you were afraid of your own shadow. And I couldn't help but run inside the house and get the recorder and capture a couple videos of you crying and being afraid.
Call me a bad mom or something....I call it "Americas funniest home video" it could be you know!
It was hilarious watching you! But papi came to your rescue!
That's what daddy's are for =)
Well I can explain what happened, but it's so much better here is the video!
Some day you will not like me for all the things I put up here, it may embarrass you, but until then...mommy will do what I do best! =)

Love mom!