Sunday, July 7, 2013

We got Lucky

We have a new little friend in our house! His name is Lucky but I think he should have been called "flash" because he moves so fast. He's a little male chihuahua, that my sister in-law asked me to take care of for 4th of July weekend. She was supposed to pick him up today, but I asked her to leave him one more day. He has been my little cuddly friend! And you girls have taken a liken to him! Although Seylah makes him nervous  Emma you have been like a little mommy to him. Is the cutest thing to watch! In the morning the first thing you say is Lucky! So we can go downstairs to him. And today you wanted to walk him. So of course I was gonna take pictures of this little adventure!

Emma's new toy

With Lucky being at home......I have been looking on line for teacup dogs! I always wanted a little dog. Although Sinatra is a small dog I wanted a smaller one. And now I think I can go for another dog. Unfortunately we wont get another dog for a while, but I have made a decision that we will eventually get one. I found a couple pics of dogs I really like.

Aren't these little fellas cute?! Yup I want another dog.....

Love you girls!