Wednesday, May 6, 2015


What happened to the child-like girl I once new?
Is she gone?
The older I get the less playful I am.
Sometimes I'm so overwhelmed with "duties".....that i forget to just live in the moment with you girls.
My little Irish twins I see you girls growing so like if I'm watching a movie and in fast mode.
So many times being in a rush is all I do, that I forget whats more important.
So today I declare that I will act more child-like when time calls for it, I will do my best to have more patient and I will enjoy......the moment just the moment and let the memory penetrate  (no pictures) just memories.
For you Emma and Seylah are my world right now and I will try my best to scream love you more (if that's even possible) and be more playful!
Here is to making memories count!
Love always