Wednesday, July 17, 2013

On the Road Again

And we are off!
Back on the road to a new journey a new page in our lives!!!!

Yesterday was a busy, stressful,bitter sweet day.

The house we made a home for the last six years is now vacant.

Each room flooded me with memories....this is all you girls know! This was your home.

This was were you Emma and you Seylah took your first steps, your first tooth came out, your first everything!

It's an emotional moment. Saying goodbye to our neighbors and family wasn't easy. I'm truly gonna miss them all!

I had a morning coffee with Catherine, it was a much needed time for us although it may be our last one in a long while, it was nice talking to her....after all she was my first neighbor and such a wonderful person! Someone I can trust and talk to like if we just saw each other and hung out all the time. She's cool like that :).

Although Lisa and I couldn't spend much time together and the end, we had many moment we shared which it was more, but it's the memories we made that will keep us together! My friend I will truly miss you and your family, which I was there to meet Oliver!!!! Can't wait for his arrival and to see pics of your new little guy!

Both of you girls I will miss like crazy!!!
I can always say I had wonderful neighbors! :)

As for my big nana (you know who you are) oh men am I gonna miss the crap out of you :)! We have had a good run! One which I don't want to end, just now it will be a digital one LOL! It won't be the same but I'll be getting my big nana fix through oovoo lol! My confidant! I miss you already!

So the BIG move took foreeeeerver! You girls where at Will and Lucy's all day!
And I can't thank your grandma enough for her help!
I left the house clean and empty at 9:30 pm....exhausted and hungry we went back to your grandparent's to crash for the night before our journey.

And now we are 3 hours into the drive and Sinatra is no longer crying, but you girls are!!!!

Here comes the water works!!!!
Until next time
Love mom!