Friday, July 19, 2013

Arrived in Florida!

We have arrived to our destination exhausted and tired, but we made it.
Our car was jammed with stuff and people and sinatra, it was uncomfortable.
Sinatra was forced to be in a cage for the first time in his life. He does not like to be constrained. But he made it and he did so good.
As for you girls there were times that the crying was non-stop, but eventually it would stop followed by a nice soothing sound.....sleep!
We stopped off in a Hotel in Morrow Georgia, I didn't care for at all! I was just glad we were able to rest and first thing in the morning we were off. And ate at I hop....then another 6 hours on the felt like we were never gonna get there.
Your daddy was so glad that he doesn't have to do this ride again in a while!

We arrived at Eliott and Sherri's house....they just moved to a beautiful home....I hope we find a home like this one. Big kitchen, you know how I love to cook...more like bake, but we are turning things around when it comes to our health. I'm thinking of doing 100 days of no process food.
But maybe when we get settled :)

So here are pictures of us and you kiddos in the car;

Mommy and Daddy

First Seylah cried herself to sleep.....

Then Emma starts crying and finally felt asleep....

And then sinatra starts to cry and falls asleep.

To our new life.....
Love mom