Friday, August 2, 2013

Living in Florida....Feels like vacation

It's been two weeks and two resorts and I'm tired, of vacationing......
Can that actually happened?
I guess because I just want to settled in one place and not live in a suitcase.

Although spending time with my family is awesome. And the first week it was just us four....oh and sinatra, now is a full house!
I miss my sinatra and I will miss my little crazy dog for a while.
Life as I know it wont be the same for a while until your daddy and I find a place to live and we are all together again. So these weeks to come are going to be challenging to say the least.

Ever since your daddy was laid off from work in December you girls have been bonding with him so much, and now is not only going to be rough on your daddy but I know it will be rough on you girls too, to adjust without daddy at home. But these are things that we have to do as grown ups sometimes. Sooner or later we will be in the same roof, and I just hope it comes soon.

Beside all the sappiness, we have been enjoying you girls so much, and all the things that you both do. It makes us mad but more than that it makes us laugh....even when we are trying to be stern (especially your dad) He is so soft with you  girls and now you both are saying "please" or "pretty please" and that just melts he's heart! It melts mines, but I don't give in as much as he does LOL!



Westgate Resort just us five...sinatra's first family vacation!

 Waiting for the train

Enjoying the train ride

After a long couldn't stay up!

With our family at the Vistana Resort...

Playing monster with titi

The rest of these pictures are not how I like to post, there are just too many that I can't fix like I did the rest above...

Your girls found some new friends

 This was supper cute! You called your self supper baby

 And Seylah wanted to copy you

 This was priceless....followed by a kiss right after

Over all I think you girls had plenty of fun. We all got a really cute color especially you legs finally got tanned LOL usually they are super white! You girls made some pool side friends, they even gave you Seylah some chips...what you! 
By the end of our vacation at both resorts, you girls were more and more brave in the pool...a bit scary for me, but nice to know that Emma more then Seylah was confident enough to jump to the water even in the deep side and you both started without the floaties.
It's funny when you are a kid you have no worries and going to the pool is so much fun, but when your an adult....there is so much to do just to get ready to go to the pool. Yeah life as a child is better when it comes to this!
So to top off the week we ate breakfast at Ihop and headed home (for us home is at my sister's house for a bit) 

Okay that's it, I warned you....lots and lots of pictures....
More to come of our new journey to finding a home :)

Love always