Saturday, August 3, 2013

Getting older

Seylah you are such a little jokester, yeah you don't talk clear sometimes but we can understand what you mean and you make the funniest faces! I can't describe it, but those who have seen it can't help but laugh. You do talk a lot more now and say more sentences especially now that you are going to be around your cousins all the time I know you will be talking clearer in no time.
The other day you were sitting in time out and I heard you talking to yourself and you said "you hear me" which is something I tell you girls all the time after I scold you. But is so funny coming out of your mouth. And that's another thing you like to scold people, with that little finger of yours.
I mention before that you love eating, but OMG you are at your best when you are have a happy eating still humm and say "yummm good" And I love that you pray before your meals....well I pray and you still say "mmmmem"
Seylita you are growing so fast I can't believe how fast you kids just a month you will be 2 years time flies!

Okay Emma I won't leave you behind. What can I say about my little diva/dare devil!
Well you are definitely talking A LOT more saying things that I didn't even know you knew and you surprise me almost everyday, there is not a day that goes by when I don't laugh at the things that you say.
I wish I can remember the things that you girls say....but the truth is that your mamma forgets a lot of things! All I can do is take lots of pictures and record to remember the things you girls do.
You are very affectionate and love giving hugs and kisses not to mention hitting too lol
And I can't believe you are going to be 3 in two months.

Talking about Birthdays...I can't wait to start on the decorations!!!! I don't have a lot of time left so I have to start yesterday, but this week I'm going to buy the fabrics. I love decorating for your birthdays...well decorating in general! It's a bit different because we are in a different place, so I gotta figure out where I'm going to celebrate it, the pool or my sister's house or if we have a place by that time!
Not sure but we shall see.

Well my loves I gotta go you are both wanting my attention and it's impossible to type.....the life of a busy mom! LOL

Love always