Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My little model

Before we left Illinois....actually in the middle of the last days of packing Emma, you found an umbrella, but it wasn't an ordinary one it was your baby shower one made of lace and had a bunch of baby embellishments on it. So I took all of the embellishments out and I dress you girls up and we headed to the place I loved taking pictures of you girls....the bike path (oh how I miss the little things)
And Emma you were a natural, usually Seylah you are ready to for the camera, but that day the camera was on you Emma.
I had so much fun taking pictures of you girls, the neighbors were probably used to me being out there with my camera (probably saying...oh there she goes again)! I do love taking pictures of you girls!
What's funny is that I was in a hurry that day...I don't remember why, but Emma you were eating something and I didn't clean your mouth before I took the pictures, you may not even notice it on the pictures, but now that I mention it you probably will.
So without further ado here is my little model Emma!
Seylah don't feel left out I got a few of you too....that day was just not your day :(

Until next time!

Love always