Saturday, November 10, 2012

My dearest Emma,

My love you turned 25 months 2 days ago and just a few days ago you started talking more, saying a sentence here and their, and it's just the most amazing thing seeing how much you absorb and say and do. I'm so thankful that I'am at home taking care of you girls and watching you grow! The other day you climb up on our bed and you tell me "mami I'm hungry" You can say Seylah but you say "saya" you say: are you ok, it's ok diti,pumpkin, apple, sorry, suave, yogurt but you say "yogi", teddy but you say "tey" it's cold, look at me or look at this, amo mucho. When we say I love you, you say "ahhhu 2", and other words hear and their that I can't remember right now. And the way you play is so girly you already have that caring character, you organize your toys you take care of bunny and teddy. I just love watching you play and looking at you when you think your having a conversation with me you make so many faces and expressions, moving your head and hands it is just the cutest thing. Your playing better with your sister, but when you have a toy that Seylah wants and she takes it away from you, you bite her and then I gotta break it up. But sometimes Seylah cooperates and you play nice, however it doesn't last very long lol. Your growing so fast I can't believe your 2 years old. Christmas this year and the years to come are gonna be wonderful too, to see your face opening up gifts....priceless! Well my love until next time.

Love always