Thursday, November 15, 2012

Another day with you

Just sitting here watching you girls play and fight is so cute! Enjoying your expressions! You girls are so different from each other is funny! Seylah your so sensitive and you cry for anything and Emma you can be sensitive towards others! But you can take a hit and not cry about it! I love you girls soooo much and I love how different you both are, and how funny and goofy you both can be, and even how annoying lol you both can be and as I write this Seylah is hitting Emma over the head and laughing about it...until Emma gets upset and hits you back!
Yesterday you girls were playing with each other with your pretend food, and me and Jay were just looking at how cute you girls look playing with each other and laughing and hugging and kissing! It's just what a mother loves too see. 😃 But Emma sometimes over does it with the hugging and kissing and Seylah gets upset lol! It's funny to watch. Shortly after playing I guess Seylah got board and started throwing the pretended food on the floor and Emma got upset. It kinda reminds me of my sister Arizaida and me when we used to play and she would say "you know what?.... I don't want to play anymore" and she would leave in the middle of the game. Seylah in some ways you are just like her 😊

Well my little princess until next time.
Love always