Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Pinterest I love you!

My love for Pinterest!

I remember the day I was introduce to Pinterest.

It was a long summer day....Jk

I opened my computer and subscribe to it, at first I had no idea what this was....but I quickly understood and then.....

I was hooked!

I remember saying "where the heck was this things a couple years ago!!!!!" Especially for my wedding.

So that night I went to bed super late, doing what we all piners do best....

Yup that was me...pinning away!

I know I'm not the only victim of this pinerholic phobia I have, many among you have it!


I have made and done lot's of things on my board but there is sooooooo much more to go.
Sometimes all the time this is how I feel though!

Well lets see what other project I will do next....

Until next time!
Pin away bloggers =)