Sunday, June 16, 2013


Dad's are like no other they are so needed in a little girls life as much as a little boys life!
I have been bless to have a dad like no other...humble, caring, patient, loving, giving, funny, protective, and generous.
When I think about my dad I get all emotional, watching a movie where the plot revolves around a father daughter will find me surrounded in tissues!
I guess you can say I'm daddy's little girl! Although I'm all grown up and have a family of my own I will always be his "la nina de sus ojo" which means "the apple of his eyes" that is what my daddy calls me.
Although we are miles apart, when we are together I'm his little girl once again!
There is so much that he has done for us!!!!
When my mother was pregnant with me she had cancer through her whole pregnancy. God made a miracle during that time and my mom is completely healed today. Thank you Jesus!
But during those tough times my dad was left taking care of five children...he wasn't alone my grandpa helped for the most part.
Never the less he has always been there....
The sacrifices we go trough as parents are different for all of us, but they are still sacrifices. And my dad made one to many....
I can't never repay him, but just thank him, with a grateful heart!
Thank you dad for all you've done, for what you will continue to do and for who you are.
"Any men can be a father, but it takes someone special like you to be a dad"

Daddy, I will always be your little girl!

As for my husband, you have only been a father for two years....four if you wanna count sinatra  LOL. And you have never been any more deserving be so special to be called dad!
You surprise me everyday, with the tenderness you share, those moments when I see you and the girls together are so precious to see.

 How you take care of them even when I'm not their.
 And how you comb their messy hair.
Kisses for boo-boos
And dressing them with too-too
How you teach 
And brush their teeth
toys,toys everywhere, 
but daddy doesn't care,
he's to busy playing with the pair.
I can't wait for the journey that's ahead of us
of memories we will share
and our little girls soon will grow
but you will always be there!
-by  Arisai Santiago

Here is to you both my daddy and my men...