Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Our first Road trip

I know it's been a long while since I last wrote, I'm not good at keeping a blog lol. But I'll write today about our first road trip to Florida.
I was nervous and excited, nervous mainly because I didn't know how you girls would be. But surprisingly you both were pretty good. I video taped a little bit of our journey. But I gotta edit the footage, something new to do for me.:D Seylah you were so good and you only cried for food, water or milk, and at night you would wake up cuz you were tired or sitting. But for the most part you were awesome hugging your teddy beard along the way, to bring you comfort and joy lol. Emma you cried a bit, because you wanted tan-tan (backyardigans) we put bolt and tangled and you were fine after that. You felt asleep watching Tangled so I closed it and you woke up at 2am and wanted to watch Tangled again. You girls surprised me of how good you were. Now the change fed is going to your grandparents tomorrow and the biggest challenged is going back home.

I cannot wait for my family to see you girls. And experience why I experience everyday with you both. You girls are a joy to be around! So funny, carrying, loving! I'm so bless to be your mom!

Emma you are so Independant, you are talking so much more, talking in sentences! And saying new things everyday!
And Seylah you don't stay far behind. You say lots of words now and you both are so smart. Your eating more Independant, you make a huge mess, but your eating better.

I cannot promise you I'll write soon, but I can promise you I'll write late :D

I love you girls with all my heart!