Monday, November 4, 2013

30 Days of Thankfulness Day 3

Today at church I saw a video about how big God is! 
What stood out in this video for me was that just in the milky way alone, it will take 2,500 days to count the stars.....and that's just one among a billion! Can we say WOW! I'm sure most people know that.
But even knowing this we are so consumed in our lives and schedules and drama that we forget that we are surrounded by God's creations, and how intricate they are, the moon the stars the sun how perfectly in place they are and well put! How intricate the human body is! Makes you wonder and stand in awe of God's wonders!

So today I am grateful that my God is so Big, he can move mountains, that he loves us just the way we are....full of sin and hate. And he extends His grace and mercy freely, even though we are not deserving. 
Yeah my God IS Big! 

Thank you God for being a BIG God!