Sunday, November 10, 2013

30 Days of Thankfulness Day 7, 8, 9, 10


1.a group consisting of parents and children living together in a household.
the children of a person or couple.
"she has the sole responsibility for a large family"
synonyms:children, little ones, youngsters; More
a person or people related to one and so to be treated with a special loyalty or intimacy.
"I could not turn him away, for he was family"
I am grateful for my family! We fight, argue, disagree on things but we are always there for each other no matter what!
I love my family!

Day 8

I Am grateful for beautiful Florida weather. When my other family in Illinois is stuck with cold days...I Am able to enjoy a nice day at the park with the chanclas! :) 

Day 9

OMG I Am thankful that I have my sister and my niece over for the weekend! It was supposed to be a fun day for all of us to celebrate my niece's birthday, but it turned out to be a day for me to be almost in bed rest and at least she and my sister went out to have some fun at SeaWord.
But I Am soooooo grateful that they are here to help me take care of my family while I recover from my back and neck!
Love you sisi!

Happy Birthday Yarelita!

LOve yOu both so much!

Day 10

Feeling a bit better today, but the pain is unbearable sometimes. However I thank God for my families prayers and for medication!!!!!!! Reality check has kicked in and I really gotta start taking care of my self better, I don't have the same body as I used to soooo, gotta start taking my vitamins again and the calcium that the girls took from me :) Giving birth to a baby is not easy, but I don't know which one is birth or what comes after.....(maybe after!) Thinking I should change the title of this blog to 1dog and 2 crazy girls LOL!
Anyways I went of my subject so back to thanking God for pills! :)