Saturday, November 30, 2013

30 Days of Thankfulness Day 30

Today my sisters, the kids and I went to SeaWorld! And it was so much fun, the fact that the weather was beautiful was a plus! Christmas was definitely in the air :). Everything looked so beautiful. 

I am thankful for fun times. How boring will life be if there is no fun and play and just work!
The girls had so much fun walking a little bit, seeing the penguins, sharks, walrus, wales! 
Seylah and I were looking trough the window to see if we see a walrus....and out of no wear it swam right in front of us scaring Seylah and me, but the cutest thing was Seylah jumping back and saying "it scae me" (that's the way she says scare) with her little hands over her chest. 

Then we saw clips of the movie "The Polar Express" they got to see Santa, but the line was too long and it was going to be impossible to wait for another line with the girls and my nephew Leon. So we moved along to the kiddie rides! 

The last show we saw "Winter Wonderland" this was my first time seeing people skate on ice. It was so beautiful! The little ones didn't last very long, after all it was 10:00 pm and they were out!
It all ended with fireworks. 

The only thing that made this day bummy, the hubby was working so he couldn't join us.
We caped the night off with hot chocolate and some buttery bread (not the healthiest) but oh so delicious!

Emma loves to hold the map!