Friday, February 6, 2015

The little things you do/say....

Seylah the things you say...

  • what's that smelly
  • choquet milk (this one you have to hear it)
  • mommy don't which you have gotten hit for talking to mommy this way
  • you still say hangers and at times still say mommy chip with me
  • i can do it by myself
  • instead of saying delicious you say"b-licious"
  • you say frases for breakfast 
  • "like a flamily"
The things you're doing...
  • no more potty on yourself (you have rare occasions now)
  • and you are starting to learn how to clean yourself
  • you can trace the alphabet
  • you give sinatra food and water and actually fight with Emma
  • you gotta win all the time and you are a sore loser when you don't win
  • sometimes you don't let Emma hug you 
  • when papi kisses you, you say "I cleaned it" as you literally clean it with your hand

Emma the things you say....
  • when your telling me a story you say "and so" a lot
  • you're in a face of telling say "I got a great joke for you" and when you're done saying your (not so funny but cute joke) you say "get it" and start laughing!
  • mommy that's not nice
  • you want to do everything Emma does and you say "I want like Emma"
  • your prayer "thank you God for everything, thank you for keeping us thank you for saving us in Jesus name Amen"
  • you're a genius 
  • that's a great idea right
  • how could you
  • you're getting me frustrated 

The things you're doing....
  • you can write your name
  • you can go pee by yourself and clean yourself, however sometimes you want me to do it
  • your learning to bathe yourself too
  • you know almost all the shapes
  • You can ride your bike really good and faster than before
  • rolling eyes accompanied by attitude (yeah this get's you in lots of trouble)
And although you girls fight all the time, it melts my heart when you show love towards one another and Emma you care for Seylah like a little mommy would a's cute to watch, but you both also fight like sisters do!

Love you girls.....
2 the moon and beyond!