Friday, October 23, 2015

Another year to celebrate you girls

I have been wanting to write this since your birthday party.....but time just past me by and here we are today.

This year we celebrated your birthday with two different characters, for you Emma you wanted Sofia the First and Seylah, Hello Kitty.

As always I wait for the last minute to make your decorations. This year I said I wasn't going to do it big, something small but not as much as I did in the past.

I have the best family ever because they helped me out so I really had to handle was the decorations and making your cake.

Now the cakes were fun, I liked the way Seylah's turned out better.

Whats more important is that we all had a great time and you both enjoyed every minute of it!

You both got lost of gifts (clothes and the cutest boots in the world) that I totally want for myself :)

N-e ways I can't believe Emma your 5 and Seylah your 4!
When I look at both of you, pictures in my head of when you girls were babies and I miss those days. Regardless I know I gotta take advantage of these special times as well.

Seylah the day after you turned four we dropped Emma off at school and you said to me "now can I go with Emma, I'm like this...(giving me your four finger)" It was so cute, but I had to tell you the bad news.

You are talking so much now, still you say some cute words here and there, you are getting so big too fast for my liking!

You get so angry sometimes because you want to do things on your own that you still can't handle and some things you can....maybe is just me that doesn't want to let go.

Emma you are the true definition of 5 going on 20! You are such a mommy with Seylah even though Seylah doesn't like it sometimes.

I can see both of your personality developing and is just a beautiful thing that I'm here to see it all unfold!