Thursday, November 12, 2015

Halloween 2015

I love Halloween and I miss the fall weather from chicago's suberbs!

But I can't complaint how beautiful Florida is.

We had so much fun this year, we got together with Eliott and his kids and Will and his kids.

We ate pernil with Sherri's amazing aroz con gandules and tostones. Eliott made my cheesecake recipe and I think it may have been better than mine :) Tiana made pumpkin pie and Sherri also made brownies. I brought pumpkin bread and all was very yummy!

We started this tradition when we were in Illinois before you girls came along and we decided to keep going at it this year. We told scary stories and played games "gestures" and went trick or treating ate a lots of candy!

This year Emma was Sofia the First and Seylah was Hello Kitty (yeah same as your birthday) And Andrea was bambi!

I did your make up, Andreas', Jay's and mine :)

This is what happened after Halloween