Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Emma's crib to toddler

Today we changed your crib into a toddler bed! Oh how exiting for you and devastating for me, in so many ways! I new this time was bound to happened I was just dreading this moment. I cannot believe you are almost potty trained and I say almost because you have digress when it comes to telling us you have to go potty and you just go on yourself. But anyway that's another post we are talking about your crib moment. So when we finish setting it up, you climbed and acted like you were sleeping and then came the climb in climb out game! it was so cute! Your papi recorded and I took pictures! But the night ended a success! When your papi put you in bed you right away went to climb out, but papi told you something and you laid down and felt asleep! Night one down......here comes the rest of nights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!