Thursday, October 18, 2012

Baking with you

Dear Emma
 Yesterday we had so much fun! I don't know which of us had more fun. It was your first of many times that you will bake with me! You looked so cute in your apron, and you were so good at following directions. Yes I was surprise at that! I can't wait to the moment you Seylah and I can bake together and just do more activities together! We made a killer pumpkin bread, you know is the fall we gotta include pumpkin in the baking. Next Sunday I can't wait we are going to the pumpkin patch by the house, we were suppose to go last Sunday but it was raining the temperature was perfect but it was raining :( Is gonna be so much fun can't wait to take pictures and post them for you girls! So here is you first time baking with mama!
Love always!