Wednesday, October 24, 2012


To my girls!
On Monday oct 22 2012 I took both of you girls to HUGS gymnastics! When we got their you were both stuck on that floor looking at everyone; (like what's this) but of course Emma took the first step and Seylah it took you a bit longer! Following directions was a bit challenging but you both did it......somewhat. They asked you both to sit on a long pencil then when it was your turn you both got on the swing then on a tonal then hung on a pole and your feet had to touch the bell that was on the pole, then climb to step on another pole and hang on the top pole when you went down you would do a flip, with the help of Mrs. Sue and slide down the other side. Then they directed you to another challenge opbstickle were u stand on a vault and you climb up climb down, then walk on a ledge get on the little round trampoline then slide down a slide but sitting on a flat surface with wheels! Emma liked it.....diti not so much! Lol :) then I put both of you girls in a pool of foam blocks, diti did not move where Emma was everywhere lol! Then one by one you were all in the big trampoline with the teacher Mrs. Sue and all of the kids where their sited together as Mrs. Sue sang and bounced on the trampoline. Last she blew bobbles and gave u all pumpkin stamps on your hands, and pretzels !!!

So over all we all had bunches of fun! I enjoyed your faces, and experiencing something different with you girls, just getting away from home seeing new faces, and seeing Emma laughing and participating and saying "look at this" diti u had fun too :)! So this is the beginning of a new journey for us.... Until next week which is halloween!!!!!!! Can't wait! This is one of my favorite holidays!