Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Your kitchen is ready

What your about to see is a beautiful kitchen set that our lovely neighbors Lisa and Josh made for you girls!
And the table set was passed on from my aunt to Luke when I was taking care of him and now to you girls. But of course I had to make some changes, to bad I didn't take a picture of how it looked before. It used to be Winnie the pooh and tiger chairs and the table a picture of them too. And I had to match the color to the kitchen so that's what I did and the top of the table is chalkboard. Not sure If I like that you made a big mess last time, but you had fun. Sooooo here are the pictures of your beautiful kitchen set, to many years of enjoyment until you girls outgrow it.

Emma and Seylah's lovely kitchen!

Emma writing on the side chalkboard that's on the side of the kitchen

Seylah discovering that I put a cover on the table
Emma's putting the groceries away
Lisa, Josh and Anya