Thursday, October 11, 2012


My Darling Seylah not to long ago you turned one and you are getting so big so fast, my little diti you love to eat anything and everything that we put in front of you and if Emma is eating I better have some for you too! You are so feisty, and goofy! You like to make faces and make funny noises with your mouth. You started saying more words, you say; mama, papa, daddy for sinatra, down, oh oh, you also like to sing and dance. And your new favorite thing lately is standing on your little chair. You like to climb on everything just like your sister, you both got that from me. My two little monkeys! You like to take toys, shoes, sox anything that your sister has in her hands and runaway with it. And you can't really run so when Emma takes the toy back you would trow a fit, but sometimes Emma gives it back to you so you can stop crying! :) she can be sweet like that.
Until next time my love.

Always love you