Thursday, May 2, 2013

Fully potty trained

Three words a mother loves to hear.....fully potty trained!!!!! Yes it took a while but you accomplished it my darling Emma! It's been 3 nights going on 4 that you have not used diapers at bed time, and I am so proud of how good your doing in that department.
On the other hand, you have been acting up! Lots of attitude coming out off that little body, (I don't know where you must have gotten that from!) screaming to get your way and just crying for no good reason sometimes. It is truly frustrating, but it's something we gotta deal with.
Things you say: don't hit my Emma, is amazing, look at me beautiful, your crazy, I want this I want that....there is a lot of I wants going on in that little mouth of yours.
You also like to scold Seylah, especially when I catch you doing something wrong and then Seylah does it, so I scold you and then you scold Seylah. Yes it's funny to watch!
Things you like: baya, kissing, when we say you look beautiful, anything that's sweet, pineapple, strawberries ( you call it grapes) Sofia the first and Micky Mouse(you call it Micky house) and recently you started to watch the Hulk from back in the days, Spiderman, and Batrman on Netflix. I'm not to happy about it, but Jay and I watch it with you. So is kinda cute.
I'm thinking of starting to school you! I'm a bit nervous about it, but excited it too. So we shall see how that's going to be. Until next time.

I love you so much
Your mama