Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I have to document this!
Today Seylah you said "amo" !!!!!
Followed by kisses from afar :)
Oh the joy!!! Just melts my heart to hear that word!

Here are your new words/sentence:
I wanna go outside but youu say "ta ta tay"
Ready but you say "edy"
Again but you say "mgen"
Amen but you say "mmmmen"
I wanna go downstairs you "a stare"
Don't do that

I'm sure there is more and either I can't think of it or I just don't understand jet!

Your day is getting closer where your one will be a two soon and I gotta start the decorations early so I don't go all crazy at the last minute!....most likely I will go all crazy anyways! LOL

Well love gotta go!
Amo mucho!