Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween!

October will never be the same, now that I'm in Florida. No more cold, wet and gloomy fall days. Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining and I don't miss the cold right now. But the crisp of fall, the smells, the mood, the leaves.....I guess I miss that and how it made me feel inside all warm and cozy! I miss play dates with my neighbor and our traditional Halloween family get together.

You see before you girls were even thought off, Jay and I had a little gathering with the kids and we would tell scary stories, eat pizza and play hide and seek through the house.....Those where good times! It lasted only three years, but three good and fun years.

Now that we are in Florida we will make new traditions.
Well like today you girls went trick or treating for the first time, and believe it or not it was my first time too.
It was fun at first, one house two house three house and on and on and on.....kinda boring after a while really! LOL, but you girls made it interesting and I guess challenging.

You girls ate a lollipop for the second time in your life, lots of candy, a messy costume stickiness everywhere.....oh how fun!
One thing you kept saying Seylah was "scawy" And the way you said it was sooooo cute!And Emma you where just like how I expected wanting to be in charge, and walking like you know where you are going.

Never the less it was a perfect evening you girls were the super heroes and your daddy and I where the villains! But it didn't last very long, we were all tired and at spend some time with Eliott Sherri and the kids and went home after that.

The night ended peacefully, cookies in the oven for me and your daddy and you girls fast asleep.

Happy Halloween my loves!