Saturday, October 26, 2013

Cherishing these moments!

You girlies are growing so fast and well I have to write this down before it leaves me. So I will start with you Emma.

Emma you are so independent, you have been for quite a while, but now more than ever. Your favorite thing to say is "mami I do it" or "I got it" You can dress yourself from head to toe, sometimes you change 3 to 4 times in a day, and just recently you put on a sweater and button your self even though it was uneven, you came to me with such an accomplished face.....that was priceless!
You can be sweet with Seylah right before you are mean and take toys away from her, but you give it back to her, you actually have been doing that since you started talking. I'm glad that  hasn't changed.... the nice part I mean. You are a good big sister and you act accordingly like a big sister....very bossy and in charge, definitely a leader. Very stubborn too, and true to what you want and don't want. I somewhat like that, it can be a good thing and a bad one too.
You can talk much more clearly and you know two verses from the Bible Joshua 24:24 which we have established that and Genesis 1:1, you say this very clear now. You love to sing and when I sing along with you, you say "no mami let me do it" or "my turn" Oh you don't like to put a bib when you eat so you tell me "I'll be careful ok" You both love playing hide and seek, you can count to 13 and hide in the same places (granted we have a smaller place too. Things you say a lot; because, just a littlebitty, actually, see I told you and so much more.

Seylah....where shall I start! You are a hand full sometimes :), but you are also sweet. Oh my favorite thing is when you say kissie because you say "tikie" and pucker up those cute little lips of yours. You like to walk around with your tongue out, you have been since you were one. 
You are electric and you love tickles. You love it when your daddy and I give you kisses together, we call it sandwich kisses. When Emma and you fight and I make you guys forgive each other you do it with hugs and kisses and then a sowy follows. It's a beautiful thing to watch really! And when you play hide and seek you count like this "2 3 2 hea come" No that's not a miss spell that's actually how you say it! You also try to mimic Emma in all she does. When is time time for bed usually I hear "when it finish, when it finish" and now that's coming out of you, but you do it so cute! You squat down a bit and put your hands up like for me to stop and all I can do is laugh cuz is so cute! You also love to jump, and you do it all the time too.
Things you are saying; I don't want it, tikie, sowy, hi, I know there is more but I can't remember much now.

Lately you both have been giving me a hard time when is nap time and bed time is like one big surprise every day that you both have to sleep....I feel like I'm gonna loose it sometimes with you both. But today I figured what I have to do. And that is stay in the room until you  both are asleep. I have thought about doing this in the past, but sometimes I'm so busy and I got other things to do, but today I decided that whatever I need to do is not as important and yous two, and that is how it should be all the time. Sometimes us moms loose track of whats really important, we have such a big "To Do List" that we want to accomplish it all by the end of the day, but it's OK if is not done today. Tomorrow is another day. I hear this all the time from strangers and people I know, "cherish these moments, because it doesn't last forever" And I always have this in back of my head, but I loose track at times. But I snap out of it and I come back to you both and truly truly cherish you at this crazy little ages that are here today and gone tomorrow. 

So my loves here is to many more cherish moments, that will become never forgotten memories!

I love you always and forever