Tuesday, November 26, 2013

30 Days of Thankfulness Day 25 and 26

Day 25

I Am so thankful for a husband who cleans the bathrooms! Yeah I may
 have to remind him sometimes, but never the less it gets done. Thank you Jesus for that. I'm in a cleaning mood today, so my hubby helped out with that.

I wish I can follow these guidelines that I've read in other blogs, gosh but I feel like I'll never get it done that way. SO I clean when I can't stand the mess anymore.....which it doesn't take long for me to get agitated of the mess. And I'm also teaching the girls to clean before nap time and before bedtime.....it gets a little challenging, but it gets done.

Day 26

Today we had a house full of hormones four little girls and the mamas!!! It was a fun playdate for me and the girls. We had so much fun, just chilling and getting to know each other.
Homemade pizza, delicious salad, followed by dirt and slides, climbs and dog petting, falling and some crying, even laughs thats what I like to call....the park!

Seylah was very fond of a little boy who was walking by with his mom, she grabbed him by his arm and was pulling him...I think this is how it begins. Oh no!!!!

Talking to Lisandra looks like I'll be spreading my DIYnes projects and helping her out with hers! Sounds like soooo much fun, who new that doing projects could be this much fun.
I thank God for other mommy friends who can understand us and be there for us when we need it!

Chuks!!! I forgot to take pictures :(

Well at the end of the day I had 3 calm kids and an early bed time for them since there was no nap time today. It was so nice and peaceful before Jay came home, dinner made and a wife ready to work out with the hubs! I could get used to this schedule....however Jay not so happy he didn't get that welcoming from the girls "PAPI your home" He was sad, so this will be once in a blue moon schedule. 

So I guess I'm thankful for play dates and an early bedtime! :)