Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Christmas to Remember!

The anticipation, the warm feelings, family gathering, making memories, hot chocolate with buttery crackers, and the most important thing of all is the celebration of Jesus birth. We spend days weeks putting up Christmas decorations and is all done in one day! Christmas comes and goes so fast....I wish it can linger a bit longer.

This road trip we took I think is one of our last one to Chicago (maybe not) I don't know its probably just me talking to soon since it was just yesterday we got home from a cold and long trip. It was so nice to be able to spend time with the family, I missed them so much, but your daddy I know missed them more. 

Even though Christmas Eve and Christmas day was not a usual Christmas in the Santiago family, we were still able to enjoy a little of each others company. For most on Christmas day the company we held was the pillow and the bed. We all were sick to our stomach vomiting here and there, buckets in every room! Luckily you girlies missed this crazy bug going around (Thank God) You spend it with Orlando and Beth.

I was able to see your faces when the gifts where being opened, and Emma you were so grateful for every gift that was given to you, as a mom you don't know the joy it is to see that, Seylah you still can't fully comprehend whats going on, all I know is that you just wanted the baby doll that your uncle and titi Tiana gave you, and Emma wanted to take it away....she accomplished that a few times there was lots of yelling and crying going around. I just didn't have the strength to fight with you girls.

It was such a cold cold week, all I wanted was to go back to the warm weather! It was bittersweet, leaving the family missing them and my big nana (Beth) but glad to be back home in my own space and warmth of the sun! 

So hear are some highlights of the week in Pingree Grove, before everyone got sick, during and after!