Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Oh Oh nail polish!

I wasnt going to post about this, but looking back at the pictures I decided what'a hey!!!

When we look back at this years from now, it will only be a nice moment to remember....or so I hope!

Visiting your titi Arizaida after Christmas, she had a little gift for you girls.

Unexpectedly gift that your daddy....well did not want at all. Even me writing this he would not be too pleased.

She bought you girls your first nail polish....I have been wanting to paint your nails for the longest....mind you right now you girls are 3 and 2....regardless of that fact I still would like to paint them!

Well my sister thought it was nice to experience painting your nails and not include me in this little adventure!

Not cool of her! If you know me (and by now you should) you know that I loooove painting my nails. So imagine my surprise when I saw your nails painted and I wasn't the one painting it!!!!

I guess this is a girl thing, because guys just don't get it. You see your daddy does not want no nail polish on you girls nails AT ALL at least until your 30....jk....maybe not!
But at least until you girls get a little older and start asking for it....which you will cuz you see mines painted all the time.

So until the time comes when you girls ask mommy to paint your nails and I will be anxiously waiting for this mommy daughter bonding time.

Sincerely your anxious
Mommy! :)