Friday, February 21, 2014

Seylah and her ways

Seylah you are growing so fast, is like every month I hear you saying new little words here and there. And I'm always a surprised mamma, "like omg she said this or that".

The new things you are saying are as follows;

When we go outside you want to hold my hand, this is a surprise on its own because usually you want to walk on without me. But when you do wanna hold hands you say "hangers" and is so cute that I won't correct you just yet!

You love to sing and dance. Favorite song to sing is Happy Birthday and I do from Colbie Caillat. Oh and I've tried to record you singing Happy Birthday to catch the end, but you never do it when i record you. You finish the song and then you go "a blow" and you blow and then you say "a cake" and then you act like you're taking a bite out of the cake with sound and everything. It's too funny and cute! When you do sing you sshh me followed by a hand covering my mouth so I won't sing with you.

You are a SCREAMER! Oh Lord you are a screamer! Unfortunately I used to be one too.....still am sometimes, but I Am trying to change my ways :)

Now that we are potty training you when I ask you if you gotta go pipi you say "no I fine" LOL that was too cute the first time I heard it. Oh and by the way your doing pretty good, you have your days.

When I scold you, you say "sowy mami" in such a cute little voice that I just wanna grab you and hug you and say all is well! But I can't show this sign of weakness with you, because I know you'll take it for granted.

You are one crazy energetic beautiful little girl.....without you my world will be gray! But you do have tons of energy, you cannot stay still if your life depended on it! While Emma watches a movie, you go off doing your own thing. Whether that is playing with you baby, putting them to sleep or coloring, anything that doesn't have to do with sitting down and watching the movie.
And I do love this about you. I really don't like you girls watching lots of TV, so this is good for you.

Sometime you come over and sit on my lap and want me to read you a book. This I love, although you like to interrupt a lot, I still love it when you come and sit on my lap. I hope that one day you love reading like I do. I didn't like reading when young, but I picked it up in High School and in College and even more now! I love collecting books. Anyways enough about me!

When I'm hurt you say "u kay" and sometimes you kiss my boo, like I do yours.

You like to imitate Emma in a lot of things, but you are also your own person and you like to do your own thing sometimes....especially when Emma really wants you to so something with her. You can be independent when you want to be.

You are a very strong will child and you like to talk back to me A LOT! Is cute now, but not when you're older, so that's why I have to keep you on check now.

You also like to try to put bottoms on, but when you turn around both of your legs are in one hole!

You're catching up to Emma too! I just measured you on Valentines day and you're only 1/4 in shorter than Emma. When we are out and about I usually get "are they twins"......sometimes is annoying because I get it A LOT!

Well love this is what I can remember for now!
I love you the moon and back!