Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Emma starts school!

How nerve wrecking is this!

I know I am all late for your school pictures.....but better late then never!

The day came and I was so busy that I even forgot how emotional this could be for me.

Emma you were so excited about your first day! I was both excited and sad at the same time. We all went together to drop you off.

It was a very emotional day not only for our little family but for all the parents who's kids where there for the first time.

We all gathered in the lobby with one screaming crying little girl! When I saw Erika our neighbor's eyes build up with tears she reminded me that I was going to leave you today for the 1st time.

I felt it!

That little ball that hurts in your throat when you wanna fight the tears.

We kissed you like nothing said "bye mami" as we walked away!

On our way to the car Seylah began to cry out your name and my eyes welled up with tears..... we sat in the car and I could not hold them back any longer.

The day went by quickly...however I was very sad at home and it felt quiet and empty, although not hearing Seylah crying or fighting or screaming was welcoming!

And before you know it, it was time to get you!

You were all smiles! All you kept saying was "I had so much fun"

As for Seylah this is definitely an adjustment for you. First and 2nd day we walked away with you crying her name and today it was just an "I want Emma" and  "I want to go to school like Emma."
But that quickly faded when Emma was back home.

I know I should have been ready for you Seylah, however next week I will start "God's little explorers" with you.  We'll take pictures of you then.

Here are your 1st day of School pics Emma!

I bet you haven't seen a second day of school pic ha!

With you sister!