Friday, August 21, 2015

Tea Party for Three!

Three years ago titi Sonia gave me a care bears tea set and is all glass so I waited for the moment that we can share tea together in your very own set....

And today was that day!

Although I kinda didn't want to just yet because Seylah.....let's face it you are clumsy....however I couldn't resist my Emma's plead!

So I pulled it out of the closet and we played.

I told you girls you needed to dress up.....and Emma of course you went and got a skirt from your dress up box and your fedora hat. You even added the necklace you made at the neighborhood summer club.

Fancy that!

Seylah, well you just put on your fedora hat and a sweater....and that was the extent of dressing for you.

And we had some real tea!

I made vanilla chamomile tea and a while back I made some heart shape sugar cubes and I just thought this was perfect for the occasion. Cut up some cheese then later an apple and there you go.

Your very own first glass wear tea party!

You girls enjoyed it so much that Emma you asked me to do it again tomorrow but this time with papi.

And so we shall!

I enjoyed your tea talk and attempting to put your pinkie up!

These are the moments I cherish for ever!