Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Emma and Seylah

For the past couple of days I've been wanting to write to you girls....especially when something new happens and you know how I can be forgetful so let's see if I can remember the things I wanted to share with you girls!

Seylah your dad and I were shocked to hear you say"no don't do that" it was so cute!!!!! Oh gosh your growing way 2 fast !
You also said I wanna go outside...a little muffled but I understood.
And you have been saying pipi pointing to your butty, and u are actually pooped.
I give you an award for the most funniest faces and noises you make.....your daddy and I crack up all the time.
And your finally eating by yourself when it comes to the messy spoon food. And your doing much better now!!!!!

As for you Emma.....OMG you are 2 going on 20! Your so Independant, have a mind of your own, you want to do things your way or the high way! That is your model! Papi and I give in to it sometimes (we gotta pick and choose battles with you) You love getting dress by yourself and get really frustrated if you can't put something the right way....usually when you are all tangled up and you can't move your arms....it's funny to watch, but annoying when you start crying and not wanting my help.....until you give up and say mami hep, which means help. ;)
You also have several outfits a day....sounds like me when I was little.
I guess we were born with fashion sense LOL.

As a matter affect today you went to your closet and put on a too too. It was so cute I had a dress picked out for you so I put it on but you wanted to stay with the too too....And long behold it looked really cute! I was like this is definitely going to be an recruiting outfit!
My little fashionista!

On another note, yesterday we all sat together in the table for lunch, and it felt so good to eat together as a family. I've been wanting to do this for the longest!
And the cutest thing happened.
You said mami let's pray.....that wasn't the cute thing, you've said that before(is still cute but this was cuter lol) You said "may The Lord bless you and keep you Amen"
You said your nighttime prayer! And I was and am a proud mama!
Then Seylah said mmmmen! :)
I love the way you say it Seylah, with your little hands put together so closely to your lips!!!! Another sight to see.

Now that was a memorable moment for me! It got me thinking how I want to continue this. Eating together, praying together.
God has truly blessed this family, even though we are not deserving!
How amazing is His Grace!!!!!

Well kiddos until next time
Love, peace, and lots of chocolate! ;)
Your Mom